Things to do while you're here:
**We are happy to arrange tours/guides, taxis or tell you how to get there on the public buses**   

     The website ViaNica has lots of great info on Ometepe and many of these activities. 
            Visit their website at

If you want to be active:
Horseback riding (on the beach, up to San Ramon waterfall or just tour part of the island)
Kayaking the river Istiam (see caiman, lots of birds, beautiful wetland scenery)
Learn traditional fishing in a wooden canoe with local fishermen
Hike the Volcanos (really strenuous, 7-8 hours minimum, must have a guide)
Rent a bike and ride around the island
Hike to San Ramon Waterfall
Hike to the Jerusalem Waterfall

Easy day trips:
Bird Watching tours (Nov thru Dec)
Swim in the natural spring at Ojo de Agua
Beach/Santo Domingo: Go for a walk on the beach, have a swim, lay in the sun, get some lunch at the restaurants, hike the Sendero Inculta to see monkeys
Finca Magdalena: a local cooperative that grows organic coffee, you can see petroglyphs here or hike up a little way into the forest and see howler monkeys.  Tours of coffee processing Nov thru Dec.
Short Hikes in the Country side:  walking trails criss cross the mountain through agricultural land with beautiful views.
Hike up to El Porvenir to have lunch and see petroglyphs
El Ceibo Museum:  Delve into the fascinating history of Ometepe & Nicaragua.  Guided tour of Precolombian pottery found on Ometepe, as well as a vast collection of Nicaraguan money
Charco Verde/Playa Venezia:  Enjoy the beach, hike around the lagoon, learn the legend of Chico Largo.
Rent a scooter, motorcycle or quad to explore the island.

Just relax:
Have a massage
Visit the beautiful swimming cove just a 5 minute walk from the B&B
Read a great book
Animal watching: birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, squirrels
Lay in a hammock and enjoy the breeze off the lake