What to Bring:

CASH ....  U.S. Dollars or Nicaraguan Cordobas (Traveller's checks and Credit Cards are not accepted in very many places on the island)
*please note that all U.S. bills must be in very good condition (not too worn, no tears, pen marks, stamps, etc) as the banks here are very fussy about what they will accept.

Flashlight or Headlamp
If hiking a volcano: Good hiking shoes that can get really muddy
Flip-flops/Thongs for inside
Comfortable shoes for walking (sports sandals such as Tevas are great)
Light weight long pants and long sleeve shirt
Hat for sun
Sunscreen/Insect repellant

How to Get Here:

Travelling from the mainland to our place will involve either a rented car or taxis or public buses and of course the ferries/boats.


         Ferries: carry vehicles and passengers and are larger metal vessels

         Boats (called Lanchas here): carry passengers only.  Smaller and made of wood they can be quite an adventure
                                                     if the lake is rough.

The Ferries/Boats all leave from the port in San Jorge on the mainland and take 1 hour.  
Most arrive on Ometepe in the town of Moyogalpa, there is one ferry which arrives in the town of San Jose del Sur.

*The boat from Granada to Ometepe is no longer in service.

    Departures Times:

         From San Jorge                                  From Moyogalpa                       From San Jose del Sur
             *7:00 AM (Che Guevara)                      5:30 AM                                   *7:30 AM (Rey del Colcibolca)
             *8:30 AM (Arcia #1)                           *6:00 AM (Arcia #3)                  *3:20 PM  (Rey del Colcibolca)
               9:00 AM                                             6:30 AM
             *9:30 AM (Rey del Colcibolca -             *6:45 AM (Arcia #1)
                              ARR San Jose)        
             7:00 AM
             *10:30 AM (Arcia #3)                         *9:00 AM (Arcia #3)
               11:00 AM                                         *10:00 AM (Arcia #1)
             *12:00 PM (Arcia #1)                         *11:00 AM (Che Guevara)
               12:30 PM                                           11:30 AM

1:40 PM                                          *12:30 PM (Arcia #3)                  
              *2:30 PM (Arcia #3)                              1:00 PM
              *4:00 PM (Che Guevara)                     *2:00 PM (Arcia #1)                   NOTE: Much of the year only one of
              *4:30 PM (Arcia #1)                              3:00 PM                                       the Arcia Ferries runs - check with
              *5:00 PM (Rey del Colcibolca -              *4:00 PM (Arcia #3)                       us to confirm which of their
                               ARR San Jose)                     *5:30 PM (Che Guevara)                ferries is in operation
              *5:45 PM (Arcia #3)                                                                                  
                    * Vehicle Ferry                                  


   Taxis are the fastest and easiest way to travel from location to location.  We know trustworthy taxi drivers on both the mainland and the island and are happy to help you book any transport that you need getting to and from the island.  The following are trip duration and cost for some of the most popular routes (prices are for the trip, not per person cost):

Moyogalpa to our farm                          45 minutes to 1 hour                $20-25
Granada to San Jorge Port                       1 hour                                     $30
San Juan del Sur to San Jorge Port         35 minutes                               $20
Managua Airport to San Jorge Port      2 1/2 hours                                   $55
San Juan del Sur to Granada              1 1/2 hours                                   $45

NOTE:  Taxis on the mainland are usually 4 door cars and seat 3 passengers comfortably...4 if you don't mind crowding a little bit.   If you need a larger vehicle let us know and we can probably find you something but the cost will be higher.
           Taxis on the island are usually mini vans and can fit 6 - 8 passengers comfortably.

   Though you can get to all attractions on the island with taxis, bus, bikes or motorcycles a rental car gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, stop and explore things along the way and access to restaurants further afield.
   There are no car rental agencies on the island.  On the mainland you can find agencies at the airport in Managua and there is a Budget Rent a Car in Granada.  
   Also in Granada and highly recommended is dutch owned Armadillo Nicaragua.  The owner, Peter, offers various 4 wheel drive vehicles for rent (with or without driver)...his vehicles are well maintained and his car rental rates are the lowest in Nicaragua.  Check out his website at:  http://www.armadillo-nicaragua.com/

If you are going to bring a rental car out to the island there are a few things you should consider:

    1.  Many portions of the road are unpaved and we would recommend you bring out a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

    2.  You must reserve a space on one of the ferries ahead of time. There are 3 ferry lines that transport vehicles:

            Rey de Colcibolca: Tel 505 8691-3669
               - Travels between San Jorge (on mainland) and San Jose del Sur (on Ometepe).
               - Makes 2 trips per day each way - see above for times. 
             ** This is the most comfortable ferry to Ometepe, it is community owned and we highly recommend it.
            Arcia Ferries:  Tel 505 2569-4284
             - Travel between San Jorge (on mainland) and Moyogalpa (on Ometepe).
             - 2 privately owned ferries, each making 4 trips a day each way (however often only one is up and

             Che Guevara Ferry:  Tel 505 2569-4101
              - Travels between San Jorge (mainland) and Moyogalpa (Ometepe)
              - 2 trips per day each way - see above for times.
           FOR ALL FERRIES:   you must arrive at the dock at least a half hour before the departure time to pay for
                                             and secure your spot on the ferry. 
                                          We also recommend you call the night before or morning of your travel date to
                                             confirm your reservation and that the boat is running.

    3.  There are only 3 gas stations on the island, 2 in Moyogalpa, 1 in Altagracia.   Prices here are much higher than on the mainland.  Filling up in Rivas before you head to the ferry dock is a good idea.

   Nicaraguan Public Buses are mostly old school buses from the U.S. or Canada...usually the worse for wear.  However, this is what most Nicaraguans use for transport and riding the bus can be a great opportunity to immerse yourself a bit in the world of the local people, watch how they interact, experience what life is like for them.  Bus rides can sometimes be hot and crowded, and you are not guaranteed a seat.  Of course they take longer than taxis but where else will you get the chance to really participate in local life?  Seated higher off the ground the views are better and going slowly gives you a chance to take it all in.  So if you're not in a rush, you don't have too much luggage and your up for an adventure here's some info on buses.   If you're not up for a long ride or dealing with luggage consider taking one for a short ride on one of your outings during your stay with us.

   To get to our place you'll need to take a bus to Balgue (pronounced Balgway).  The ride is 2 to 2 1/2 hours and costs 27 - 31 Cordobas.  There is one bus that goes straight thru from Moyogalpa to Balgue   If you don't take that one you'll need to take a bus headed to Altagracia and then change buses at the crossroads called "El Quino" (pronounced El Keeno).  Let the busboy who collects your money know where you are headed (El Madronyal, La Via Verde) and they will usually announce your stop.

     Departure  Moyogalpa                   Depart El Quino                     Arrive La Via Verde
           10:30 am  (27 cordobas)                ***                                 12:30-1 pm     
          12:30 pm (16 cordobas)         1:45 pm (15 cordobas)                2:45-3 pm
            3:30 pm  (27 cordobas)                 ***                                   5:30-6 pm