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La Via Verde
(The Green Path/Way)

Located in the small town of Madronal (pronounced Madronyal).
On the Maderas Volcano of Ometepe, between the towns of Santa Cruz and Balgue.

While still honoring our commitment to a simple life we have tried to create a place where you will feel comfortable while you experience this amazing island we call home.  La Via Verde is a place to relax away from all the distractions of your busy life at home, a chance to slow down, reconnect with nature, yourself and those you are traveling with.

We are personally involved in every aspect of the B&B & Vacation Rental and keep our capacity low so that our guests can count on us to be there to share advice & information, make arrangements for tours & taxis, answer questions about life on Ometepe and help make their visit the best it can be.

We invite you to come stay with us and share in the magic of Ometepe, the Island of Peace.

A Little History:

Our names are Darrin and Eileen and we are originally from California. We came to Nicaragua for the first time in 1998 and fell in love with Ometepe. Having travelled abroad each winter for years we were charmed by it's beauty, the friendliness of the locals and the simplicity of life. We had always dreamed of growing our food organically and thought this might be the place we were looking for to make that dream a reality. The next year we returned to look into the possiblity of buying land and bought our farm in April 2001. Since then it has been an amazing journey of learning about this new life we have chosen.

Is Ometepe for You?

Ometepe is beautiful and has remained relatively undeveloped. This makes it a special place in the world, but it is not for everyone.

The raw beauty of Ometepe has it's drawbacks for some and if you have mobility issues the rough terrain can really be a problem. Also, if you have serious health problems please be aware that the island has only very basic health services and limited stock in it's pharmacies and both of these are an hour away from our farm.

Though we now have a paved road to our place in many parts of Ometepe the roads are still unpaved, bumpy and dusty or muddy depending on the season. There are no banking facilities where we are, no grocery stores, etc.

Life on Ometepe does not always run smoothly and you have to be willing to take some unexpected events in stride - the electricity is out, the internet is down, the bus broke down, the restaurant ran out of the food you were hoping to order, etc  

All that said, Ometepe is a very special place in the world.  Nature is all around you (yes that means some bugs too). The air is clean.   Life is simple.  People are still connected with the growing of their food.  The volcanoes, especially the active La Concepcion, are awe-inspiring.  If you are really looking to get away from it all and you want to experience something completely different from your life at home then this is the place for you!